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Stainless Rain Water Tanks is proudly Australian owned and operated. The reputation of our and other stainless steel products as strong, durable and hygienic is unsurpassed in the industry.

Our Mission

Rainwater tank Brisbane quote To manufacture rainwater tanks, uniquely suitable for the storage of fresh drinking water. Rainwater tanks which outlast and outperform any other rainwater tank on the market which are built for this purpose. And last but not the least, tanks with a minimal environmental impact. Water tank Brisbane quote

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Queensland Water Tanks

Stainless steel is as familiar and robust as the kitchen sink. It is widely acknowledged that stainless metal water tanks are unsurpassed for strength, durability and hygiene. Using stainless steel to build our Queensland Water Tanks means that they are built to last!

The traditional construction of ordinary, corrugated steel rain water collection tanks in Australia involves drilling or punching numerous holes to fix the corrugated sheets with rivets or screws. This can be and is a major downfall as each one of these rivets or screws requires sealing, and each has the potential to be the source of corrosion and leakage. Because this problem can render water reservoirs useless, we dedicated ourselves to finding a permanent and effective solution!

To overcome the problem in the common design, we have developed and implemented a unique method of spot welding the stainless steel corrugated sheets. This adjustment to the design allows us to offer a premium product at a competitive price. Stainless Rainwater Tanks manufactures an extensive range (see Tank Sizes) of reliable, durable, safe and hygienic stainless steel rainwater tanks, with none of the disadvantages of other Queensland water containers. These rainwater tank Brisbane team installs and setups a unique system for rainwater collection.

Here at Stainless Rainwater Tanks Australia, we are always striving to improve our current rainwater tank products and develop new products that will satisfy the needs of our customers. We are endeavouring to design products that will outlast our competition, whilst also being offered at an affordable price for our clients!

"When hygiene and durability are paramount, there is no alternative to a Stainless Steel Rainwater Tank"

Stainless Rainwater Tank Brisbane Installation

In May 2006, we installed four 20000 L corrugated stainless steel Queensland water tanks on top of a 38 level high rise building (Brisbane Square Highrise). Click on an image to enlarge it.

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Fully Recyclable Rainwater Tank Brisbane The only "green" rain water tank on the market that is truly and fully recyclable. Our stainless Queensland water tanks are the only ones that increase in value as time goes by.

Water Tank Dealers

Our rain harvesting tank team can manufacturer and distribute Queensland water tanks Australia wide, through our network of affiliated tank dealers.

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